Doorway Technical Centre

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Welcome to Doorway Technical Centre


Doorway Technical Centre was created to provide inspection, survey, upgrade and maintenance services to building owners and managers.

Fire door experience
DTC has highly competent staff with decades of experience in the industry, including the hands-on design, manufacture, and installation of literally hundreds of door assemblies for actual fire test purposes in accordance with British and international standards. This gives us the unique capability of assessing many different types of installations for probable performance in a fire exposure situation, and being able to recommend improvements or corrective action in the case of any deficiencies found.

The need for fully functional fire doors
We all accept that items such as fire extinguishers, smoke detection and alarm systems need an annual inspection and possible servicing to ensure their fitness-for-purpose. In terms of life-safety, fire and smoke door assemblies are equally important and additionally expected to be fully functional in everyday conditions of frequent operation. They are often neglected, however. Even so, it is the responsibility of the building owner to ensure that these doorways are properly maintained and fully compliant with the performance expectations in line with their original certification.

Fire, smoke and acoustic expertise
DTC expertise extends not only to fire doors, but smoke doors, acoustic doors, and many other types of specialist architectural door assemblies as well.

Doorway Technical Centre has been independently certificated by IFCC as a competent installer of fire protection products – Certificate No. IFCC 3041. The IFCC Installer Certification Scheme is fully accredited by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service.)