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DTC has surveyed, advised and carried out remedial work to replace fire and smoke seals at Kilmorie residential apartments, Torquay. Constructed in 1962 as a purpose-built luxury development, Kilmorie, with its curved continental style architecture, attracted favourable comment from around the world.


However, over the years, while items such as fire extinguishers, smoke detection and alarm systems are regularly inspected and tested to ensure their fitness-for-purpose, fire door assemblies are more difficult to assess and will have been subject to considerable wear and tear. DTC was delighted to be contacted by the Kilmorie management company to conduct a fire inspection survey on the fire doors in each of their lobbies.  DTC was asked to advise on any maintenance requirements or upgrading recommendations, particularly those separating the lift lobbies from the stairwells, as these doors are vital in the protection of the escape route.

DTC found these doors were very well built but had previously been converted from a double swing to single swing configuration but the original rounded heel on the door leaves set within a similarly rounded recess in the hanging side of the frame had been retained. Because of this, the existing fire seals were badly fitted in places and had suffered damage, while many of the smoke-seals were also ineffective through being poorly positioned and over-painted. DTC made appropriate recommendations and was successful in being retained to carry these out. Subsequent work even involved the commissioning of a special curved intumescent seal profile to overcome the inherent problem of the rounded stile on the door leaves and the matching recess in the frame.

DTC work was itself audited by IFC Certification Ltd, a UKAS accredited company and internationally recognised, fire protection authority. It was affirmed that the doors, although constructed over 50 years ago before the present day standards, now provided substantially improved fire and smoke sealing while maintaining fully functional day-to-day operability.


Latch side before
remedial work


Similar latch side before remedial work




Head of frame before
remedial work


Similar head of frame
before remedial work