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Perimeter seal replacements and upgrades for fire, smoke and acoustics

Performance door assemblies all require a perimeter sealing system to act as a barrier to such things as the transfer of unwanted sound, or of hazardous flames and smoke through the gap between the door leaf and its frame.

Through everyday use of the door assembly, however, these sealing systems are the subject of continual abrasion and flexing, so they become worn or damaged over a period of time.

Older doorways may not even have an existing sealing system, but they can almost invariably still be upgraded in an unobtrusive manner.

Experienced DTC operatives will carefully replace worn and damaged seals on a like-for-like basis, or with a higher performance upgrade. Many smoke seals are not particularly good acoustic seals, especially the brush types, but a remarkable improvement can be made with modern acoustic seals which will also offer outstanding smoke barrier performance.

At all times, the ease of operation of the door assembly is taken into account.


Half-hour fire seal with Kilargo IS1212 high performance smoke and acoustic seal unobtrusively located in door-frame rebate.


Two seals for one-hour fire protection with Kilargo IS1212 high performance smoke and acoustic seal.