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Threshold seal replacements or new installations for fire, smoke and acoustics

In the past it has been a common practice to ignore the threshold area with regard to smoke protection and, indeed, suitable products have not always been available. The threshold area, however, has been proven to be a major source of smoke transfer from one compartment to another, even if the gap at the bottom of the door leaf is as little as 3mm. Fixed, wiping seals that drag across the floor covering have been extremely unpopular and generally regarded as an unacceptable solution.

Today, unobtrusive fully automatic threshold seals have solved these problems. They are highly effective as smoke seals when the door leaf is in the closed position, yet lift completely clear of the floor as soon as the door is opened by a few millimetres.


Face fixing of Integrity threshold seal

Concealed fixing of Kilargo threshold seal IS8010si

Concealed fixing of Integrity threshold seal














It should also be noted that many fire doors / smoke doors are also required to be acoustic doors in accordance with
Approved Document E to the Building Regulations. It is not possible to meet the relevant acoustic performance requirements without close attention to the threshold area and the installation of an appropriate automatic seal.

DTC recommend the installation of Integrity automatic threshold seals, particularly the IS8011si. Being face-fixed, the IS8011si seal will not compromise the fire performance of the door leaf but will provide a very substantial uplift in both smoke and acoustic barrier properties when used in conjunction with a compatible perimeter seal around the rest of the door assembly.