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Attractive Entrance Doors with fire ratings

In our day-to-day experience, we often come across entrance doors to private apartments and flats that are not fire rated. Typically this happens in older properties where the occupant has replaced the original door with something more aesthetic, perhaps not realizing that the original was a fire door and any replacement needs to be a fire door also.

While it is true that many older fire doors were far from pleasing to the eye, modern-day counterparts can be exceptionally attractive while still fulfilling the requirements of not only fire resistance, but security and everyday serviceability as well. They do not have to be “slabs” and can be panelled, glazed, fitted with letter plates etc without compromising fire performance. Acoustic sealing systems are always worth considering on an entrance door and these serve the dual purpose of sound reduction plus smoke sealing, which is also a mandatory requirement.

Entrust your fire rated entrance door replacement to Doorway Technical Centre.


Non-fire rated entrance door

Replacement fire rated door

Replacement fire rated door


High Performance Acoustic Doors

In a stunning new development, Doorway Technical Centres is able to offer heritage style panelled door assemblies with mandatory fire and smoke performance but coupled with outstanding sound reduction capability of up to 44 dB Rw when evaluated in accordance with internationally recognized standards.

While unquestionably attractive, aesthetically, panelled doors are notoriously poor in their qualities of fire resistance and performance as barriers to sound transmission – both being vitally important for apartment entrance doors for example. Essentially the poor performance in both cases in due to the extremely thin sections that are associated with these designs, particularly round the edges of the panels, but often inherent over the whole area of the panels themselves.

Now, modern technology has enabled these weaknesses to be overcome without affecting the aesthetics, resulting in a highly attractive yet fully functional door assembly offering exceptional performance on all counts.

In the DTC panelled door assemblies, fire resistance is imparted through the invisible incorporation of the unique BASF “SW” board centrally in the construction – comprehensively tested in accordance with the relevant British, European and American standards, in a wide range of designs and configurations.

Smoke resistance comes from the highly respected Millmerran, Kilargo®¹ or Mann McGowan®² sealing systems – inconspicuous, low friction and exceptionally durable, while again delivering performance well within the mandatory requirements of Approved Document B and BS 9999.

¹Kilargo is the registered trademark of Dormakaba
²Mann McGowan is the registered trademark of Mann McGowan Group